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About Karmakarma


Lesley has always had a love for music. Her home as a young child was always filled with music as her parents were music lovers and her father introduced her to the basics of playing the guitar at the age of 10 where she also took lessons. She also developed a passion for writing when she was in her teens and has continued doing so until today.

As a child Lesley was very shy and was uncomfortable playing and singing in front of others. She always had a dream of performing and working with other musicians but never imagined that she would ever have the courage to perform live in front of an audience.

Lesley writes her songs based on her own experiences as well as what she sees in the world around her. She is inspired by her spiritual beliefs and in conveying messages of truth, love, inspiration and bringing people together to work towards creating a world that believes in individuality, following your dreams and people helping people.

Lesley will be forever grateful for meeting Byron who was very instrumental in bringing out her creativity and being a supportive music partner giving her the courage to perform in front of people. She looks forward to an exciting musical adventure as she continues to write and perform and spread positive messages that will inspire others.

 Music began for Byron at a very early time in his life. Surrounded by a musical family, his dad Bill, uncle Don and friends would jamm country music into the night. This combined with the party that started in the womb prompted "the beat in his soul". Clacking the spoons at camping events, assembling hollow log bands with his buddies in the fresh air environment of the country woods deepened his love for " the Beat".

Byron Listened to an array of influences from Patsy Cline, Dean Martin, Johny Cash, Floydd Cramer, later into the doo wop of the fifties (Elvis, American Graffiti) to the rock and rollers sixties (The Beatles, Cream) and seventies (Pink Floyd, CCR, James Gang) and add countless Blues and jazz artists to expand his musical influences. 

Byrons older brother Burnham was a lead guitarist in a prominent Country Windsor /Detroit band and picked up on lil' Bro's interest in the stringed he gave him his pearl white Fender Telecastor Double Humbucker baby and his Fender Twin Reverb Double 12" Amp. Brother Burnham showed him some basics of the six string electric and from there he took it as his own and learned "House of the Rising Sun" in three days. From Garage band to Kitchen musician and an undeniable Love for music and vibration, Byron shared the Fun with family and friends.

Aligned with a "want to help" nature and compassion for others Byron would share his gifts with as many as he could, forming Guitar singing parties in his early twenties. He worked in the music and musical instrument distribution business and e was exposed to many unique people, places and experiences including Mr Leo Fender (Fender Guitars), Tommy Hunter, Lee Oskar (War) Doc Severenson (Johny Carson show) and many others. This widened his love for guitars and an array of other sound tools.

Exposed to many unexplainable paranormal events and spiritual people on his path Byron has always felt the connection with Mother Earth. His connection with his brothers of the Mohawks (that he shared his years growing up with) and many other experiences allowed Byron to learn in "spiritual" growth and intuitive connection. Further understanding that all is vibration, we are all connected has given him cohesivness of love and life that grows today.

Meeting Lesley (Les) Roper is a beautiful surprising union of blissful integration of musical sound and shared collaboration that is just amazing. Collectively we wish to share with purpose the changes we observe, cultivating the beauty around us. In this ever changing world environment we wish to share the message within the music. George Wellsbury is instrumental in inspiring, patiently listening, supporting and encouraging us to forge forward, managing our sites clips and always a great spiritual insight.

  Byron Akey and Lesley Roper

​(AKA Karmakarma)

Byron Akey and Lesley Roper had been friends for about a year when one day purely by accident they discovered that they both had a love for music. Byron had been a guitarist since he was very young and always involved and surrounded by music. Lesley had also been surrounded by music, writing and singing since she was very young as well.

One day when they were collaborating on a song together they melded together so quickly and effortlessly and their first song "Wake Up Now" was born. This song has become their signature song and is always well received by the audience as it promotes love and people coming together collectively celebrating freedom.

About a year after Byron and Lesley had been spending many hours writing and collaberating together they came up with "KarmaKarma" for the name of their duo. This seemed very fitting as they both believed that karma is about change and this is one of the messages that is a common theme throughout their music; people working together hand in hand to create positive changes in our world.

As Karmakarma evolves their music covers many genres. It's hard to label their music as there are so many elements of folk, celtic, jazz, blues and country along with an urban feel that make their music very unique. They are now on a journey of sharing their music with as many people as they can, performing live at events and working towards making a CD.